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The Human Futurist takes a Forward-Looking Predictive View into Peoples’ Lifepaths

Welcome to The Human Futurist, the blog of Chris and Suzanne Styles. Since 2007, they have been fascinated with trying to discover a predictive tool to help them to better understand their futures. The first thought rocketing through your mind right now might well be, “Who cares about the future when you’re always being taught by the life success coaching gurus to just live in and cherish the moment!” Another thought mind be “What an awful waste of time this is because we all know that it is impossible to accurately predict the future!” Here’s a tremendously challenging thought that might well have also rocketed into your consciousness: “If there was something awful awaiting me in my future, I certainly would not want to know about it! No thank you. I’d much rather remain ignorant and be able to happily go about living my life day by day than have all that horrible fear and worry constantly lurking within me.” All these thoughts and objections would be perfectly valid because they reflect exactly how we have been conditioned to think (conscious mind), believe (subconscious mind) and connect (superconscious mind) since birth. So, here is the jaw-dropping, paradigm-busting, massively uncomfortable, raw-and-uncut truth about your life… Hope you are ready for it…

Chris and Suzanne have collectively developed a predictive life event experience model which after extensive testing over many years, has proven that your life is not happening randomly, but rather according to an intelligent mathematical design. If you think life shaping events, successes, failures, tragedies, births, deaths etc. “just happen” then you are sorely mistaken. Every one of these events was coded into your lifepath and only now are we beginning to unravel and understand this coding. The multiple human futurology research case studies you will encounter within The Human Futurist, will reveal to you that we are all walking an experiential matrix (journeying a lifepath if you will) that was perfectly designed to gift us all the bespoke experiences we needed to have this lifetime, so that we could learn, understand, and grow. The Human Futurist is not for the feint hearted, nor is it for those whose minds are shut tight to enlightenment. The Human Futurist is for those who inherently know deep inside that there is so much more to life than meets the eye. None of us were arbitrarily designed without a much bigger picture in play. What we are, are magnificently organised fields of creative genius that help further the expansion of both individual and collective consciousness.

The Human Futurist is the portal through which you can access real life examples of this mathematically intelligent, grand organised design in play. As you journey back and forth through this human futurology enlightenment portal, you will soon discover that the worst thing you can do is to fear and remain ignorant of your future, and that the best thing you can do is to understand your future and strategically embrace it.


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