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Futurist Team Coaching adds a whole new strategic thinking and planning dimension.

When it comes to providing an executive who has just changed jobs, with future performance insights into his/her new team, you have come to the right place.

Here is an everyday corporate life example to clearly illustrate what we mean when referring to the strategic gains Futurist Team Coaching provides in corporate, large, and medium size businesses.

A new executive is appointed to run a business unit. She moves from her previous business unit (say Home loans, Retail Bank) where she understood her team, to a new business unit (say Card Division, same Retail Bank). She takes over a team of people with whom she has never worked and whom she knows nothing about. The only team-based information she can start working with are their HR files (remember, HR files contain only historic data on new team members) and performance reviews (also historic data driven documents). Apart from general hearsay and the “opinion of others on her team” she has absolutely nothing to work with that is forward looking or futuristically informative. This intelligence gap at team level, means she literally starts her new role on the back foot. It is going to take her many months to get to really understand her new team and what makes each individual tick as well as who are the square pegs in round holes. That equates to a lot of lost time and time is money!

Now, just imagine if on her very first day in the new executive role, she could be handed a detailed team research document that in an instant shifted her from being in a “back foot struggle state” to a “front foot launched state”!

We are talking comprehensive, deep dive individual analyses which combine over 100 bespoke personal and professional data points in such a way that each team member is profiled with astonishing accuracy.

This research reveals:

  1. Each person’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  2. It also gifts the new executive, bulls-eye accurate strategic insights into exactly what the dominant experiential themes are that will play out in each person’s life over the next few years, year by year, month by month.
  3. Think this is to be utter ridiculousness? You would be well advised to think again. This is exactly the level of predictive individual intelligence that we can provide you with.
  4. Once you understand the immense data richness within our reports, you will connect the dots instantly as to why Futurist Team Coaching is the most effective way to performance manage, develop, and grow your team.

Know and remember this: The Futurist Team Coaching research results we produce have such strategic intelligence value that every managing executive who is serious about developing their various teams into high-performing, cohesive units, should be tapping into this revolutionary work.

Final message – there are no other coaches who do what we do and there is no other human futurist coaching programme that can provide you with the charts, graphs, and human futurology experiential data matrices we have. Developing this took us many years and thousands of intensive research hours. If you are serious about being the best in your industry, then you need to be accessing and strategising around the best possible life science predictive intelligence available right now.

Futurist Team Coaching. Taking your Future Mission Critical Teams, Up and Beyond…

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Team Discovery Package £750pp [min 6]

  1. Discovery Session
  2. Individual Team Members detailed Intelligent Numerical Blueprint (INB) report of 22+ pages.
  3. A 2-3 hour follow up Q&A on team INB in person or via Skype or Zoom
  4. Full Day Team Coaching Session with Executive and Team

**Excludes travel, accommodation, venue hire and catering

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