Taking your Future Understanding of Self, Up and Beyond

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Learn important things about yourself that you did not know

Unlike most other coaches we do not do coffee chats nor offer free discovery meetings. Life rule: people are way more invested when they are paying for a professional service.

So, if you want to meet us the only way to do so is to book a Discovery Session offered at a 25% discounted fee of our hourly coaching rate.

  1. This upfront discovery session is an absolute must because it allows you to assess us, and us to assess you.
  2. Here is an uncomfortable coaching truth: not every client-coach interaction delivers a good match. Where a mismatch exists, best this be discovered early on.
  3. Please know and remember this: you cannot progress on to your bespoke coaching programme of choice (Futurist Personal Coaching; Futurist Business Coaching; Futurist Executive Coaching) without first completing this Discovery Session.
  4. During this hour we will introduce you to your Intelligent Mathematical Blueprint [IMB] so rest assured, you will receive real value and have some serious AHA moments for your £150 spend. Where a good match exists, this session will then inform or shape, your strategic futurology coaching plan with us.

Duration: 60 minutes; Fee: £150.00


Futurist Personal Coaching is for people who are wanting to learn much more than what conventional life coaching can ever offer them

  1. You have read many superb self-help and personal development books written by past and present life coaching gurus. Congratulations, that’s Level 1.
  2. You have attended motivational, fast-taking, “success sellathons” and invested in yourself by buying a ticket to the endless array of workshops, seminars and “I am winning” programmes offered by the best in the game. Congratulations, that’s Level 2.
  3. It did not end there. You further invested in your personal growth through signing up for incredibly expensive 1-on-1 private coaching sessions with “The Masters” whose reassuring value proposition to you was that they are now focusing on just you and nobody else! Congratulations, that’s Level 3.

And if after all this, you found yourself wondering how you could have possibly managed to spend all that money on “best-of-breed personal investment experiences” that delivered so little (as in the RoI was rubbish!), then you have walked our learning journey, experienced our incredible frustration, and met with our extreme disappointment.

Listen up, the great news is that there is a brilliant way for you to go from Level 3 to Level 10 and the solution you are being offered resides with Futurist Personal Coaching…

Know and remember this: Futurist Personal Coaching dials intelligently into who you are on such a deep level that you will be shocked to your very core. Once you have gotten over this mind-blowing experience, you will never ever look at your life in the same way ever again. That is when the greatest shift happens. Now you align yourself 100% with and to the future you. This is what creates the personal performance quantum leaps forward that you have always dreamed of. There is nothing more powerful than seeing your very own bespoke future timeline. It shows you what is on the way experience wise and all importantly, when. Once you have experienced Futurist Personal Coaching you will understand why 99,9% of people get nowhere and spend most (if not all) of their life incessantly banging their head against an impenetrable brick wall.

Personal Discovery Session £500

  1. Your detailed Intelligent Numerical Blueprint (INB) report of 22+ pages.
  2. Each page of your detail rich bespoke report is explained in a 2hr+ personalised video recording which meticulously unpacks the blueprint and its impact upon your past, present and future.
  3. A 90 to 120 minute follow up Q&A via Skype or Zoom

Futurist Personal Coaching. Taking your Future Understanding of Self, Up and Beyond…

Futurist Coaching Services

Numerology for Women, Life path numbers

Futurist Business Coaching

Tailor made for two kinds of people. Those who have created and established their own businesses and are wanting to ratchet up overall performance, and new business owners who have just taken the incredibly brave and bold step into entrepreneurship

Numerology for Women, Numerology Forecasts, Critical Thinking

Futurist Executive Coaching

Futurist Executive Coaching is for those disruptive, paradigm-busting, people centric, forward thinking medium, big and corporate businesses who are serious about their Executives proactively driving transformational (fast paced) change and not just transactional (slow paced) change.

Name Change Advice, Numerology for Women, The Precautionary Principle

Futurist Team Coaching

Futurist Team Coaching will change the way teams of the future are aggregated, think, plan, interact and deliver. When a mission critical team that must deliver a critically important business objective is assembled, the Executive(s) in charge never leverages the insights of Human Futurology. Soon, no mission critical team will ever be established without using this approach.


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