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Futurist Executive Coaching takes the guess work out of personal development plans (both yours and others).

It gifts key decision makers strategic insights into what the short-and-medium term future has in store for them and, importantly, the people they rely on. The incredible value of Futurist Executive Coaching is not just down the line (senior management, middle management, junior management, team leaders, supervisors etc.), but up the line too (general managers, executives, senior executives, CFOs, COOs, CEOs). Just think how valuable it would be for a Board, ahead of time, to have strategic insights into what the dominant themes will be that are shaping the upcoming year(s) for their CEO and his/her Top Executive Team.

If you do not believe this to be possible, think again.

Many years of Human Futurist research has proven that our lives are not being lived according to random events but rather that we are functioning according to an intelligently coded mathematically organised grand design with definite annual experiential themes locked in. You might be shocked to learn that years when much success happens, are not random events.

Neither are those years when much failure is experienced. Predictive life path modelling allows us to tap into the cycle seasonality of every life’s cycle, revealing the highs and the lows and when they will happen. Therefore, if you and your organisation are looking to completely transform how your human capital is managed, and leveraged productivity wise, then this Futurist Executive Coaching intelligence is what you have been looking for.

Sit any top CEOs down, and they will tell you that their businesses have a multitude of risk mitigation, disaster recovery and business continuity plans to counter literally every imaginable event.

  1. Ask them if they fully understand the risks that every person who is employed within the business poses, and they give you a blank look.
  2. The simple answer is, they do not. Why?
  3. Because they have absolutely no way of knowing what the future performance risk around any given individual is, and this is because they have no way of creating a forward or future looking view for employees.
  4. At best, they can generate a reasonable understanding a person’s past (the data exists) and based on current performance they can at best, hazard an “intelligent guess” as to what an employee’s current (as in this year) performance will be.
  5. However, they have no idea what the next 18, 24 or 36 months have in store for an employee and therefore they are unable to manage this risk.

Suffice to say, today’s corporates spend trillions of dollars every year on understanding and mitigating business risk, yet they are still unable to proactively manage the greatest risk that exists within every business, and that is human capital risk. Futurist Executive Coaching as researched, created, and developed by Chris and Suzanne Styles now addresses this massive C-suite intelligence gap. Their predictive human futurology model reveals peoples’ Intelligent Mathematical Blueprint [IMBs] and maps the life path experiences in 4D (personal physical, personal emotional, professional physical, professional emotional), making it one of the most exciting strategic human resources tools ever.

Professional Discovery Package £1495pm [3 or 6 months]

  1. Sixty minute Discovery Session
  2. Your detailed Intelligent Numerical Blueprint (INB) report of 22+ pages.
  3. Each page of your detail rich bespoke report is explained in a 2hr+ personalised video recording which meticulously unpacks the blueprint and its impact upon your past, present and future.
  4. A 3 hour follow up Q&A on INB via Skype or Zoom
  5. 5yr Professional Physical and Professional Emotional strategic plan
  6. Six hours On Demand Coaching Sessions (month 1)
  7. Nine hours On Demand Coaching Sessions (month 2 on)

Futurist Executive Coaching. Taking your Future Organisational Leaders, Up and Beyond…

Futurist Coaching Services

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Futurist Business Coaching

Tailor made for two kinds of people. Those who have created and established their own businesses and are wanting to ratchet up overall performance, and new business owners who have just taken the incredibly brave and bold step into entrepreneurship

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Futurist Personal Coaching

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