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Unlike most other coaches we do not do coffee chats nor offer free discovery meetings. Life rule: people are way more invested when they are paying for a professional service.

So, if you want to meet us the only way to do so is to book a Discovery Session offered at a discounted fee of 75% of our hourly coaching rate (£200).

  1. This upfront discovery session is an absolute must because it allows you to assess us, and us to assess you.
  2. Here is an uncomfortable coaching truth: not every client-coach interaction delivers a good match. Where a mismatch exists, best this be discovered early on.
  3. Please know and remember this: you cannot progress on to your bespoke coaching programme of choice (Futurist Personal Coaching; Futurist Business Coaching; Futurist Executive Coaching) without first completing this Discovery Session.
  4. During this hour we will introduce you to your Intelligent Mathematical Blueprint [IMB] so rest assured, you will receive real value and have some serious AHA moments for your £150 spend. Where a good match exists, this session will then inform or shape, your strategic futurology coaching plan with us.

Duration: 60 minutes; Fee: £150.00


Futurist Business Coaching was developed because Chris and Suzanne Styles knew there had to be so much more to creating a successful business than what you could learn from books and at business mastery type seminars.

Chris and Suzanne have lived as SME entrepreneurs for many years, so they know the ropes. Sometimes they were building their own businesses and other times (when their business venture had failed, and they were frantically having to regroup) they were running and managing someone else’s business. One of Suzanne’s business ventures was a spectacular success and delivered the income and lifestyle that most entrepreneurially inclined people can only ever dream of. The hard and unpleasant truth is that many of the businesses Chris and Suzanne started, failed miserably. This gifted them the experience every entrepreneur most dreads – the public humiliation that goes with seeing all your hard work and invested resources going down the drain.

  1. Even though many employees will vehemently argue this point, it is so much safer to plot a lifepath course where you systematically work yourself into a “cushy job.”
  2. Even though this job delivers little joy and satisfaction, it has you earning enough money that you feel “safe and secure.”
  3. That is until one day you are told “the company” no longer needs you; that you have passed your expiry date and are being asked to clear out your desk and move on.
  4. In these moments of emotional devastation, inexperienced people will take most of the retrenchment pay-out they received and start an “I will show them what I can do” SME that is doomed to fail because how it was set up energetically from the word go, was completely wrong.
  5. Futurist Business Coaching massively reduces the likelihood of such a disaster happening because of its forward-looking, timeline driven, intelligence.

The genius of Futurist Business Coaching if you will, is that it shows you where your short-and-medium term disaster zones lie.

If from the word go you are prepared to set aside your ego and plan how to mitigate these obvious risks, the chances of your entrepreneurial business venture succeeding are massively increased. In a nutshell, Futurist Business Coaching is for entrepreneurs who desire to understand the future, cleverly leverage what it tells them, make lots of money and live a brilliant, purpose-driven lifestyle.

Thing is, Futurist Business Coaching is not only for new start-ups. It also offers up tremendous value to the owners of established and successful entrepreneurial businesses who are looking to cost-effectively escalate performance. The three major headaches all SME owners have are generating sales, managing costs, and trying their best to manage risks (known and unknown!). There is no SME owner alive who would not love to better understand the risks they are facing, short-and-medium term. Now they can with Futurist Business Coaching. “How on earth is this possible?” you might well be asking yourself and this would be a great question to ask. Using predictive lifepath modelling we can accurately identify moments in your future when risk is high (time to play it safe!) and when opportunity is high (time to go for it!). Just imagine how different your business thinking and planning will be when you have this information to hand.

Business Discovery Package £1200

  1. Your detailed Intelligent Numerical Blueprint (INB) report of 22+ pages.
  2. Cojoined Intelligent Numerical Blueprint (INB) for Business Partner / Person with Significant impact upon the business. Additional Cojoined INB £350
  3. Each page of your detail rich bespoke report is explained in a 2hr+ personalised video recording which meticulously unpacks the blueprint and its impact upon your past, present and future.
  4. 5yr Professional Physical and Professional Emotional strategic plan
  5. A 90 to 120 minute follow up Q&A on INB via Skype or Zoom
  6. Three 90 Minute Coaching Business Coaching Sessions

Futurist Business Coaching. Taking your Future Entrepreneurial Business, up and Beyond…

Futurist Coaching Services

Numerology for Women, Life path numbers

Futurist Personal Coaching

Futurist Personal Coaching ensures that you are intelligently and practically stepping into your personally organised and planned future! No more flying blind. No more confusion. Say goodbye to wishing, hoping, wondering, wanting, panicking etc. Say hello to practical, purpose-driven clarity.

Numerology for Women, Numerology Forecasts, Critical Thinking

Futurist Executive Coaching

Futurist Executive Coaching is for those disruptive, paradigm-busting, people centric, forward thinking medium, big and corporate businesses who are serious about their Executives proactively driving transformational (fast paced) change and not just transactional (slow paced) change.

Name Change Advice, Numerology for Women, The Precautionary Principle

Futurist Team Coaching

Futurist Team Coaching will change the way teams of the future are aggregated, think, plan, interact and deliver. When a mission critical team that must deliver a critically important business objective is assembled, the Executive(s) in charge never leverages the insights of Human Futurology. Soon, no mission critical team will ever be established without using this approach.


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